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Arizona Community College Library Consortium


Adopted November 2016

Edited March 2017

Amended April 2017
Amended August 2017

Amended October 2017

Amended November 2017

Amended May 2019


1. Organization.

The name of the organization shall be The Arizona Community College Library Consortium (hereafter referred to as ACCLC). ACCLC is a subgroup of Arizona Community College Coordinating Council (AC4). It is a self-governing association that uses AC4 as a contractual agent.  

2. Mission.

Maximize access to resources and services for Arizona community college students through collaboration.

3. Membership.

a. All community colleges in Arizona that are recognized by Arizona Revised Statutes, and the two Tribal Libraries, are eligible for membership in ACCLC. To ensure the effective operation and management of the ACCLC, the AC4 may establish additional criteria for membership, including but not limited to criteria that apply to libraries that serve for-profit academic institutions, libraries that serve state universities,  public libraries, school libraries, charter school libraries, publicly supported special libraries, the State Library, and any organization providing library services.

b.   All Arizona library entities may petition for ACCLC membership. The Board of Directors will establish the form of the petition and the criteria for its evaluation. The Board of Directors and AC4 will act on petitions for membership in the best interest of the ACCLC.

c.    Membership will include two classifications: Governing and Friends. To become a governing member, an institution must be an Arizona Community College Library and sign the ACCLC Membership Agreement. Governing members will have voting rights. Governing members will be eligible to access all products, services, collections, and professional development offered by the ACCLC. Friends members will not be granted voting rights and the Board of Directors will determine which specific services may be offered to each membership classification. The Board may require an institution to be a Governing member in order to obtain access to other systems and services or to participate in programs, as it deems appropriate.

d.   Governing member: a voting member of the ACCLC who is an Arizona community college district and has signed the ACCLC Membership Agreement.

e.    Friends member: a non-voting member of the ACCLC who has signed the ACCLC Membership Agreement. Any entity that provides library services is eligible for Friends membership. Friends members may have one representative on the Board of Directors, however all Friends Members may benefit from contracts and services. Friends members may be required to pay an administrative fee for some services as established by the Board of Directors.

4. Voting Rights.

ACCLC members with Governing Classification will be entitled to one vote per district, except for Maricopa District which will be entitled to two votes.  The director, or a proxy, of each district shall be the voting representative for ACCLC.  

5. Membership Responsibilities.

All ACCLC members will remain completely autonomous and have authority over their own institutions. ACCLC members must realize that participation in a consortium requires collaboration and commitment to the consortium. For acceptance and continued membership in ACCLC, members must agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the ACCLC Membership Agreement and any other subsidiary agreements governing participation in a specific ACCLC service.

6. Changes in Membership Categories.

A Friends Member institution may not petition to change its membership classification to Governing Member.

7. Termination of Membership.

a.    Any member may resign its membership in the Consortium by notifying the ACCLC Chair. The terminating institution is, and will continue to be, responsible for any financial obligation incurred during its entire membership period.

b.   The ACCLC may terminate a member of the ACCLC for cause with written notice. The terminated institution is, and will continue to be, responsible for any financial obligation incurred during its entire membership period.

8. Withdrawal.

Before a member library can withdraw from ACCLC, the member is required to fulfill all consortium related responsibilities for the fiscal year (FY). The Board of Directors will approve the effective date of a member’s withdrawal with such date being no later than the end of the current ACCLC FY.

9. Governance.

a. Governing Members
   A representative, that is assigned by each community college district, will have the right to vote on any ACCLC business that the Board of Directors deems necessary for a full group vote.

b. Board of Directors

The business and affairs of the ACCLC shall be controlled and governed by the board of directors, which shall have the right to exercise all powers of the corporation. The Board of Directors will oversee the affairs of ACCLC except those activities reserved for the member institutions. The Board of Directors will set strategic direction, review and approve the detail and the total of the organizational budget each year, and advise and select officers.

c.   Board of Directors Membership

The Board of Directors will be selected. Selections will be held annually in the first week of each FY (OCT). The Board of Directors will consist of a minimum of seven Governing members of the ACCLC and one Friends member who will be without voting rights. Members will consist of two library directors or designated equivalent positions from the Maricopa District, one from the Pima District, three from the rural districts, and one from a Native American institution. Board directors serve two (2) FY terms and may be appointed for another term. Governing members may serve additional terms if a replacement member is not available.

Each member of the board shall participate in board meetings and act on behalf of all ACCLC libraries as a board member.

d.    Board Officers

i.      There will only be one Board Officer, the Chair. The Chair will be selected by the Board members.  The Chair will serve two (2) FY terms. The Chair may serve additional consecutive terms if a replacement member is not available to serve.

ii.        Other officer positions can be formed as needed by the Board of Directors.

e.    Chair’s Responsibility

The Chair will be responsible for carrying out the will of the Board and have similar responsibilities to a Chief Executive Officer. The Chair shall preside over Board of Directors meetings and shall sign all bonds, contracts, and other instruments authorized by the Board of Directors.


f.    Meetings

i. The Board of Directors will meet no less than twice a year. It is empowered to call additional meetings when needed. A simple majority of voting members shall constitute a quorum at each meeting called to conduct business. Voting members participating by teleconference (telephone or video) shall be counted in the establishment of a quorum and shall have voting privileges. With permission of the Board of Directors, Friends members and non-members of the Board may participate in activities of the Board as it sees fit.

ii. In addition to Board of Directors meetings, a vote by mail, telephone, electronic media, or fax may be taken at the discretion of the Chair.

g.    Membership Meetings

The Board of Directors will arrange and preside at an annual full membership meeting. The annual full membership meeting is open to staff of all member libraries.

h.   Compensation.

Board of Directors members shall not receive a salary or other compensation for services; however, travel and meeting expenses incurred by Board of Directors members may be reimbursed by ACCLC if funds are available.

i.   Committee Formation.

Such committees, as are deemed necessary, may be created by the Board of Directors and may include temporary or standing committees. Members volunteer to participate. When appointing committees, the Board of Directors shall approve the charge of the committee, as well as the term of the committee.

10. Amendments.

These Bylaws may be amended or rescinded by two-thirds of entire Governing member institutions (as defined in Section 3) casting an affirmative vote on any properly proposed and considered amendment as specified in this Article of the Bylaws.

a.       Amendments  

Amendments may be proposed in writing by the Board of Directors or by a group representing at least ten Governing member institutions.

b.      Discussion

Any proposed amendment must be discussed at a Board of Directors meeting (and must have appeared on the agenda for the meeting) and will be distributed to all Governing member institutions for their consideration, accompanied by a Board rationale and recommendation.

c.       Adoption

A ballot containing the proposed amendment, including a summary of discussion by the Board of Directors, shall be provided to ACCLC members with Governing Classification. The beginning and closing times of the ballot and the reporting of the results shall be fixed by the Board.

11. Dissolution.

In the event of dissolution of the corporation, the board of directors shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all of the liabilities of the corporation to the extent assets of the corporation permit, dispose of all the assets of the corporation exclusively for the purposes of the corporation, as the board of directors shall determine, in such manner as required by section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (or corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue law) and in accordance with the statutes of the State of Arizona.

12. Records and Archives.

a.       The corporation shall keep at the archives of the corporation correct and complete books and records of account; minutes of the proceedings of board of directors; and a register of the names and addresses of the directors of the corporation. All books, records, and financial records of the corporation may be inspected by any director, or agent or attorney thereof, for any proper purpose at any reasonable time.

b.      The archives of ACCLC will be held in the ACCLC G Suite Drive. The Board of Directors may designate another archive location as it sees fit.